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What can you do?

Order food online

Select a Saavor Kitchen

Pick a Home-Kitchen, Food truck, or a Restaurant by checking the reviews and ratings.

Order Food

Select a meal and place an order.

Delivery or Take Out

Select delivery or take out. Track our Ulyx partner as they bring your order to your door.

Book a Saavor Chef, Mixologist, or Server.

Check Availability

Pick an available time slot of the person you would like to book. You can also check their ratings and reviews.


Our partners set the prices on an hourly basis. Select the one that best fits your needs.

Verified Bookings

Get a confirmation of the bookings in your email. All our Saavor partners are background checked.

Amazing Features

Do long days keep you away from your kitchen? You can now Saavor the food with just a few clicks. See what your near by Home-Kitchens and Restaurants have to offer.

Home Food, Food Truck or a Restaurant

Home foods take you back to a special place. Sometimes that special place can also be a restaurant/Food truck around the corner

Earn Badges

With every order, you can earn points or badges. Collect as many badges as you can and show your love for Saavor. In the future you will be able to redeem these badges.

Give Your Favorite Food a Special Place

Order the meal, and bookmark the Saavor kitchen / restaurant and reorder with ease. Saavor makes it easy

App Highlights

Saavor is a great resource for businesses (food establishments or not) and passionate individuals who are looking for Saavor Chefs, Mixologists, and servers near by.

Mobile Bar

From handmade seasonal cocktails to desired alcohol, our talented and experienced mixologists provide an efficient service at your home or business location.

Service Providers

Book one or more people from the link, after checking the ratings and reviews.

Track Time

We will send you a One Time Password. Start and stop the timer based on the mutual consent. It will help us track and calculate your service time with ease.

Rate and Review

You can review and rate the Saavor service provider to help others in your community. We keep a close eye on your reviews and address any issue if there is a need.

Our Partner

Food always tastes good warm. Ulyx delivers your order fast for the best Saavoring experience.