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About Saavor

We began with an idea, or rather, a craving. A craving for a home cooked meal. Do you remember the joy of opening your lunchbox to discover that your mom packed your favorite food? Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could experience that same sensation again? Welcome to Saavor. 

Here at Saavor we are connecting passionate home cooks, pioneers of the culinary arts, adventurous Bartenders, home-kitchens, restaurants and even servers - to you! Its easy - you make a choice, a delicious one, a Saavorful one.

We have our partner fleet of delivery personnel (ULYX) that picks up orders from home-kitchens and restaurants to deliver the delicious food. Our delivery personnel take only one order at a time. This ensures we provide consistent and fast deliveries.

Our Story

In 2015 while studying for her MBA program, Saavor Co-founder and CEO Poonam Vasantha Kumar felt the urge for a home cooked meal. Not just any meal, a meal that took her back home. A meal with memories attached to it. The one you cannot find at any random restaurant. Her craving and desire for home cooked meal while away from home made her realize the need for such a platform.

In 2016 Poonam with the help of her aunt Dr. Suneetha Thota brought this idea to life. The idea that an app can cater the culinary desires of anyone anytime is what intrigued Dr. Thota.. A chance encounter about Saavor with Parvesh Grover –who brought a decades worth of business acumen and connections created the right recipe for the company to be created.

Our ideology is passion driven, and consumer driven. It is predicated on excellence. We ask as much of ourselves as we do from our partners. From a simple idea of a home kitchen it grew into so much more incorporating Saavor chefs, mixologists, servers, and restaurants because the little things do matter to us.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the bridge that connects people to a world of culinary experts, mixologists, neighborhood kitchens and your platform of choice -incorporating the most innovative technology based on user market needs.

Our Team

Dr.Suneetha Thota


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Parvesh Grover

Co-Founder & CTO

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Poonam Vasantha Kumar

Co-Founder & CEO

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Dr. Arun Narayanasamy

Advisory Board member

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Mr. Raymond Ngai

Advisory Board

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Moshe D Lapin

General counsel

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Jerence Go


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